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Teacher Interview with Jeanne Carroll

How do you handle the paperwork?

The way I handle the paperwork is just to be completely organized. As organized as I can be. I have a folder for every period. I have a folder for what’s coming in and a folder for what’s going out. At the beginning of the year it is very, very intense because every kid needs to know that I am going to look at every single paper with a fine-tooth comb. That really happens for the entire first half of the year. So there is a lot of paperwork and it’s just a matter of not procrastinating, staying organized and attacking it. Second half of the year I don’t ask as much of the kids in terms of paper because they now know when I am going to take something from them I am going to look at it and I’m going to grade it so that they know they really have to work. In terms of the paperwork as the year goes on, it declines. There is definitely a paperwork aspect to this job.

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