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Six Steps to Become a Teacher!

Learn what it takes to become a teacher!

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Make and Follow Your Career Plan

Plan your next steps to becoming a teacher by creating a Career Plan.

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Find the Right Teacher Preparation Program

In 3 easy steps, find the right program for you!

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Find Financial Aid

How do you plan to pay for your education?

Understand the

for becoming a teacher in California.

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Teaching newsNews
Would you like being a teacher? Take it on a test drive by substitute teaching!

How Can You Find Out What Teaching Is Really Like?
Sometimes you have to actually try doing something to find out if you like it.
Learn more!

Are you a former CA teacher, thinking about returning to the classroom? Make a plan!

Visit this section to learn how to get back into the classroom even if your credential has expired.

Have Questions?

Check out our Virtual Advisor and F.A.Q. pages!