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Teacher Interview with Chris Flores

How do you work as a team with teachers, administrators and parents?

I think communication is key and at this level especially, starting from the beginning of school with your parents, contacting your parents, inviting them in as much as possible. Open lines of communication will really help your classroom management. Also, if the kids know you are going to call home then they might be on a little bit better behavior than if they know you're never going to call home and talk to their parents. I am very lucky here with my team. I have a great support team in third grade. If you need anything from anybody on our team, you can go next door, "Do you have this or do you have that?" or, "My lesson kind of didn't go as well as I thought. Did you do something with this that worked out a little better?" Everyone is willing to help and willing to share. We have mandatory meetings, once a week at school. Every other week is a whole school staff meeting. Principal and administrators run those meetings. It's every other Monday and then, on the odd weeks, we have a team meeting, where we get together with our team, collaborate and talk about different things we have to do for school. There's professional development some weeks. But on our team, whether it's at lunch time or whether it's after school or anytime during the day, we're talking to each other. We're all working together. We all have common goals. We're trying to make it best for these kids. So the more you share, the better it's going to be for the kids.

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