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Teacher Interview with Chris Flores

Why did you become an Elementary teacher?

It wasn’t until I was in junior college when I decided I was going to go into elementary education. My mom and dad are both teachers, so I got to see not only what was going on in the classroom, being a student, but also what was brought home, what the job entailed and what was expected of a teacher outside of the classroom. I recall a day that I went and helped out my dad. I just stopped by to say hi to him and I ended up helping him by working with a small group for a half hour to an hour and by actually teaching some lessons with him. He said one day, “Have you ever thought about doing this?” I said, “You know what, I haven’t” and he said, “Well, you should” and from that moment forward, I kinda said, “You know what, I like doing it. Why not do something you can get paid for that you like doing?” I have been doing it 10 years now and I really enjoy it still. When I was a kid, I always loved school. I loved learning new things. I had a really positive experience and that’s something I really want to share with these kids, to make it positive for them also.

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