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Teacher Interview with Chris Flores

How would you describe a typical day?

I’m at school usually by 7:25. When I get to school, I make sure everything I had planned from the day before is all set. I do all my copies the night before, the day before I leave school, so everything is ready in case something comes up in the morning. Everything is all planned out. The kids get here about 8:00. We start the morning with the daily routines. The kids come in and have their homework out on the desks. I check off the homework while they are doing daily language review. From there, they will go into silent reading. This all takes about 15 minutes and it’s just to get the kids focused on school. I have my kids in routines. When they come in from recess, they automatically know what they are going to do so there’s not a lot of wasted time. Instead of trying to settle the kids down and have them transition to the next subject, they just know that when they come in from recess they are supposed to work on certain problems.

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