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Teacher Interview with Chris Flores

How do you balance the demands of teaching and your personal life?

Teaching is a job that does consume a lot of your time. You can easily get caught up in correcting papers all day long and staying at school until late. You need to find a balance. You still need to have a life outside of teaching; especially if you are a first or second year teacher; that’s one of the hardest things. The one thing you have to realize at teaching elementary school especially is that you are never going to be able to catch up. There is going to be so much to do. You are constantly doing work, constantly correcting. One of the little tips that I use is I might do a reading test or a comprehension test, and instead of collecting them all and correcting them, I might use it as a teaching tool where I train my kids to correct the tests together as a whole class. They might benefit more by going over it together. “Ok, let’s look at number one. We are all going to find that in the book.” I show them how to go back and pull that information out from the text. The students correct the test, they learn from that activity, plus that’s one less that thing that I need to correct.

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