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Teacher Interview with Chris Flores

What is the biggest challenge as an Elementary teacher?

The biggest challenge for me as an elementary school teacher is the diversity amongst the students. Diversity of languages is a very big one at our school as we have a lot of ELL [English language learners] students where English is their second language. There are also different levels in each classroom. I teach a straight third grade class but the levels in it makes it seem like I’m teaching a split or a combo class because you have some kids who excel in certain areas, maybe math, where other kids are lower in math. It’s the same thing with reading; some kids are very high, some are very low. So you need to try and meet the needs of all those students. “What way can I meet those needs the best?” “What way are my students going to excel with my teaching?” I just try to put myself in their spot, try to use hands-on, and check for their level of understanding not just by a formal assessment but also by an informal assessment. I might ask them questions. I want to teach them skills that are going to help them out.

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