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Teacher Interview with Marsha Stanley

How do you work as a team with teachers, administrators and parents?

I’m in a very wonderful position because I am in a school that has a theme and our theme is health related. The wonderful part that we do is every summer we get together and we collaborate as teachers so that our lessons are inter-connected. Another very important thing, because we have such a small school here, I have to always make sure that my juniors are learning the same thing as the other juniors so we collaborate and make sure that our lesson plans are inter-connected as well. I’ve been very blessed with working in the drama club. I’ve had a group of parents that have become my friends and so it’s been a delightful time. I have parents I work with extensively in drama and then I have parents that I do have to contact either if the child is not doing well or one of my favorite things to do is call the parents to tell them their child is doing great.

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