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Teacher Interview with Marsha Stanley

What advice would you give to a first-year teacher?

I would tell a first-year teacher to go easy on himself. Part of this is, a first-year teacher wants so desperately to be perfect in teaching that they sometimes miss the delights of teaching because they are so focused on ‘Did I do it right; is this ok; have I met the standards?’ So my first piece of advice would be to just lighten up a little. Second advice: enjoy the job. Enjoy the students and learn to love them. When you love the students, it’s just amazing how much easier the job becomes. Schedule at least one or two days where maybe you have a movie or you have something where you can just enjoy the classroom with not having to teach constantly. I would advise them to be patient with themselves. They are learning. It is a fabulous job and it’s really fun, you just have to get through a lot of the hurdles and bumps and as the years go by, it gets easier.

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