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Teacher Interview with Jeannette Providence

How do you work as a team with teachers, administrators and parents?

It’s essential to be collaborative: sharing materials, sharing ideas, coming around. I love what Anderson calls “the private problem that is common to all.” We have our private problems in our classroom, going to our colleagues, they may have had that situation and they can offer you some strategies. It is critical to have that kind of conversation. Then a conversation with your administrators, getting the big vision of where the school is going as a team is very, very critical. Being willing to share. Being willing to go into other people’s classrooms to see how they do what they do. Willing to share what you have and what you have learned is essential. It encourages you, it gives life to your practice and it helps you with your students. Parents are the life blood. It is a team effort. You have to communicate with your parents. One of the challenges in urban areas is parent contact. Any way that you can find a way to contact that parent, you must do it. It is essential that you communicate with your parents. We’re trying to drive and push them towards the best that they can be. You know, 14, 15, 16 and 17 – they know everything right now, but they will understand that we were teaming together to help them reach a greatness that we see within them.

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