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Teacher Interview with Jeannette Providence

What does it take to be a good English Language Arts teacher?

I think what it takes is to make that connection between what the students needs to know, our standards, and where they are. Making that bridge, in relevance, in importance, to what are the essentials that they have to know, what is also essential for them, for me as an English teacher I believe, what is essential for them as a human, to go on, to help them in that regard. Also, especially now here in California because of our classrooms being so diverse, to be culturally sensitive to our students. For instance, we just had a district assessment where the reading was so disconnected in time. They were talking about going to a fabric store and the pattern books. Most people don’t sew anymore, so the relevance. How do we make it relevant? Then, once again, making sure that they walk about with the skills and knowledge they need. Also our job is to learn about our students so that we can try to make that bridge for them and relevant for them.

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