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Teacher Interview with Steve Cox

How would you describe your job to someone considering a teacher career?

I would describe my job as one that is time-intensive for several chunks of the year, and then a chance to really back away at other times of the year. I think that is really important to long term success as a teacher. The way school years are set up, it allows you to be very intense and involved and active in your job, and then to be able to step away from it and to be reflective or simply to not even think about it at all. I think when working with teenagers and working with adolescents in a high school setting, that’s important. There are days at work when we’re at top level and other days where we’re maybe working at the C or B level. It’s a job with a variety of rewards and difficulties. The strength of the job is that it can be different every day. That can also be a challenge that you want to make it different every day.

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