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Teacher Interview with Steve Cox

What does it take to be a good Social Studies teacher?

I think it takes an interest and almost a passion in the subject matter. For social studies teachers, and any teacher really, but I think specifically for the social studies discipline, you have to enjoy what you are doing and that has to come across to your students. I’ve chosen this profession. This is where I want to teach. I want to be here. I like what I do and I enjoy working with you. That immediately changes the tone in the classroom. There has to be an outward expression that you enjoy what you’re doing. There has to be a sense to your students that you really enjoy what you’re doing and you have to get that out. Whether it’s through the curriculum you’re offering or the interaction you have with your students, that has to come across. It’s really important that you are able to have a dialog with your students and listen to what they are saying, and maybe at times paraphrase it for others, or ask them to explore the idea further and offer a counter. Teachers need to, in this discipline, get their students to maybe think at a higher level and go to the next step. That is something that is definitely part of your everyday environment in social studies.

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