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Teacher Interview with Kadhir Rajagopal

How do you work as a team with teachers, administrators and parents?

I’m an instructional coach so I’m observing teachers, I give them feedback through email or personally and I let them know, you know, I let them know what I saw that I could learn from, that people could learn from, like their strengths, cause there’s always some strength in somebody. And then I just ask them questions: what do you think about this? What was going on here? And then if they want I might give a suggestion or two. So we collaborate in that way. As far as administration, as the coach I’m always in the office with the administration, like at least three times a week. I have a good relationship with my administration. They’re really supportive. My principal is really supportive. He wants to, he really believes that instruction is the most important factor that will help students succeed, its instruction. So we share a lot of ideas of how to help improve student learning and they’re really supportive. Contact with the parents really helps because I can keep the kid after school. I can make interventions if he’s screwing up the exit price or failing the exit price, but also I can say positive things to the parents if the student is doing well. And a lot of the students, they’ve never had a positive comment or remark to their parent. They are so use to getting negative, negative, negative. So they love is when Mr. Raja calls and says something good like ‘he got an A+ in math’. They feel like heroes. So that contact with parents is really important.

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