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Teacher Interview with Leticia Moran

How difficult was it to find a job teaching math?

It wasn't difficult at all, considering I wasn't looking for a job in math and it just kind a landed in my lap. I actually have a degree in Physics. My bachelor's degree is in Physics and I was looking for a position to teach physics. But, Mr. Manansala, he asked, "How do you feel about teaching math?" And I was like, I would love to teach math. And I feel more like a math teacher than a science teacher, which is weird, because you know my whole thought process was, okay, I am going to teach science. Anyway, I collaborate most with the math teachers, and I don't really feel like I am a part of the science teachers since I only teach physics, basically, once an entire year-which was last term. Right now I don't feel like a physics teacher at all, so I'm not teaching it. I am only teaching Algebra I.

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