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Teacher Interview with Leticia Moran

How do you work as a team with administrators and other teachers?

My administrator I really like a lot. My principal, Mr. Manansala, he is really down to earth and we work really well together. He is always there to support me. And I think that is what is really good about the small school environment. I can pretty much go and talk to him whenever time I want to, and he is always there to give me his time-you know, talk as much as I want, most of the time And then the teachers we have here-I couldn't survive without them. It's not the same to go home to tell what happened during the day to my husband because he doesn't understand. Or he'll try and fix the problem. But, it is not about fixing the problem, it's about sharing and having some kind of understanding about what's going on. They know what I'm going through, they know the kids I am dealing with sometimes. And it is also good because you share the good things too, not what's just driving you crazy. I think we do well together. Recently we had a lunch, where it was like a potluck, and we got together at a parent or at another teacher's house. It worked out really nice.

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