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Teacher Interview with John Bullock

How much time do you spend preparing and planning?

I think it’s really important to be prepared before you come into the classroom. When I first started teaching Algebra II, seven years ago, I was probably doing a couple hours of lesson planning just for that one class a night. And then the next year, I would fine-tune my lesson plans, and now, my lesson plans are in a big binder and all I do is turn the page and I do that lesson. You know, I’ve done those lessons for six years and it’s a piece of cake. I don’t have to spend as much time planning except for like I am going to start teaching that calculus class and that’s going to take a lot of time and extra time planning. It’s very awkward to not know what you’re talking about in front of the students, it’s very embarrassing. I try to avoid that as much as I can by having my lesson plans and I try to predict what kind of questions they are going to ask me so I know how to answer those questions.

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