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Teacher Interview with John Bullock

How do you work as a team with parents, administrators, and other teachers?

I work as a team with the school, again like the students. I try to show respect to them. I try to be flexible so my time will mesh with theirs or whatever. With the administration, if the administration says that they want a meeting for this student or this parent or because I am department chair, they want a meeting with this other math teacher and I am department chair and I need to sit in on that, I say ok and I be as supportive as I can with my administration. I give them the respect that I hopefully can, the respect that I would like back to me. I think that’s how l relate with my faculty. I am on the phone a lot with my parents, that makes my job much easier, to keep in contact with the parents. I think you’re avoiding later problems that can become a problem if you’re talking with the parents a lot on the phone. I talk and I try to be as cooperative as I can with the administration. I feel if I’ve given them support, they’ll give me support back.

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