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Teacher Interview with Michael Laharty

How do you work as a team with teachers, administrators and the community?

To be successful working with this population and most populations, you need the biggest support team around you as possible. Everyone brings something to the table and everybody has skills and everybody has ideas and everybody has a perspective. We have three special education technicians who are the backbone of getting the services to the students. We work with teachers and their paraeducators, the administration, as they are the people who direct how a program is going to go, the families, the youth themselves, and with the people in the community. For the students to succeed, some of them are going to need some additional help, maybe throughout their lives. If we can start working with the families and the students and the rest of the school staff to start developing relationships with these outside agencies, they become less the boogey man or the bad guys or whatever else things are and they become more known. We have to kind of broker deals sometimes between schools and with the agencies and it’s a learning experience on both sides.

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