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Teacher Interview with Michael Bernardis

How do you work as a team with parents, colleagues, and administrators?

We work very closely together, not only me on the team but we have a physical therapist, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, and a nurse. We have a teacher that works specifically with children that have visual difficulties as well as a teacher that works with children that have either deaf or hard-of-hearing. The whole team together plus infant educators who are para-educators who we work with very closely. We all do the home-based program but we have to coordinate together because we see the same child and we have to provide consultation to the parents and so we all have to be on the same page. We meet approximately once a week as a team. Our administrator is very supportive of us, and she, our principal, is more like a mentor to us in many ways. There is also the challenge where she is the boss, you know, and there are times when she has to take that role if there something we have to be doing as an organization. There may be a new state regulation or mandate that we need to implement so she will say, “we need to be implement this.” Generally she is very supportive in regard to our working with the children. Many times, if there is a difficult situation with parents, she’ll get a call and she’s very caring and supportive of the families and will also be very supportive of us too in that situation. I have found that the administration has been very, very helpful.

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