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Teacher Interview with Michael Bernardis

What advice would you give a first-year Special Education teacher?

Link up with colleagues in the field, people who are experienced in special ed., that are in the same school or in same program that you are in, and really tap their abilities and listen to what they have to say. I remember my first year, the area where I got the most support was from mentors, from others who were in the field who were there to support me because you are kind of like, trying to keep your head above water in your first year. Also, rely on your strengths. You have a lot of strengths that you don’t realize and the skills you have obtained through your education program in the college or university you went through. After a while, you then become, not only are you relying on your mentors, you become a mentor to actually the mentors sometimes because you come up with an idea that they never even thought about because you have been exposed to new areas through your college education teaching too and your preparation for your credential.

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