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Teacher Interview with Judy Williams

What support did you receive from your family and friends? From your school district?

I have two older children, both out of the home right now, and I think I got the best support from them and my husband. I could not have done [the credential program] or be where I am today had I not had their support. I think that just goes along with being a family. It was very interesting as I started college to get my B.A. and get ready for my credentials. I ran into the same individuals taking the same classes and found that those individuals were also paraprofessionals who were working on their credentials. So I had a good support system all the way through college with them. In my school district I'm a county employee, and they [supervisors] were also very supportive in that they allowed my to leave my paraprofessional job a little bit early so I could make it down to college (to my classes) on time. There was a time when I needed a certain project done, and I was able to have the day off. So they were very supportive as well.

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