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Prepare to be a Special Educator in California

To be a teacher, you must meet all the requirements for a credential. California teaching credentials have similar basic skills requirements, but there are specific requirements for each type of teaching.

To be a special educator in California, you must have the Education Specialist Instruction Credential. It authorizes the holder to teach in the area of specialization and in a variety of settings listed on the credential. School districts' human resources departments may also look for other related qualifications and experience.

There are a variety of career opportunitiesIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site available in special education that require either a California teaching credential from the California Commission on Teaching CredentialingIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site, the state agency that grants credentials, or a California professional license from the California Department of Consumer AffairsIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site.

Careers that require a teaching or services credential:

Careers that require professional license or have an option of a license: