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English Language Arts

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“You may get a paycheck, but that’s not the real paycheck. The real paycheck is touching the lives of young people and having an opportunity to touch into the future.”

What is "English Language Arts"?

The discipline of English Language Arts encompasses a dynamic array of subjects designed to give students the fundamental skills they need to comprehend and express ideas clearly and effectively though oral, written, electronic, and multimedia forms of communication. Language Arts teachers teach students to listen, read, speak, write, and think critically. They teach students how to use language confidently to express thoughts, information, and feelings. The ability to communicate effectively is fundamental to a person's ability to interact with the people around them and participate fully within their community and society. Language Arts skills are essential to learning and the ability to demonstrate what one has learned throughout all aspects of their education.

What does a typical day look like?

A typical day of teaching English Language Arts would encompass teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills and strategies along with comprehension, phonics, writing, spelling, grammar, literary response, and analysis of text to varying depths of complexity at varied developmental levels depending on the students' abilities. Your students will be delving into works of fiction, classic literature, or modern short stories (as read-alouds in class as well as independent reading), or they may be working on the composition of sentences, paragraphs, essays, prose, and poetry. Depending on the school site, a teacher might take on additional duties focusing in oratory, speech and debate, or media and journalism, or provide additional support for students on how to organize text and content for a successful resume, blog or web page.

Cool Resources

English Companion NingIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site is the networking site where English teachers go to help each other. It has thousands of members and many groups and clubs.

The Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)Icon indicating a URL to an external Web site Web site provides access to hundreds of free educational resources including lessons, historic images, videos and documents.

The Language GuideIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site is a simple visual dictionary with mouse-over pronunciation and spelling guides.

International Reading Association's Read Write ThinkIcon indicating a URL to an external Web site Web site's classroom resources include lesson plans, interactive activities, and projects. It's professional resource materials include information on professional conferences as well as a variety of strategies and teaching modalities.

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