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California Center on Teaching Careers

Resource Title California Center on Teaching Careers
Brief Description
The Tulare County Office of Education (TCOE) was awarded the 2017 California Center on Teaching Careers (The Center) grant to provide collaborative leadership on a statewide level through seven regional satellite centers (County Offices of Education from Tulare [Lead], Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sonoma, Ventura, and Shasta) dedicated to increasing the teacher workforce, particularly in the recruitment of ethnically diverse/bilingual math, science, and special education teachers. The mission of the Center is to elevate the teaching profession through attracting new and existing talent to impact teaching and learning in California's 21st Century classrooms. The Center helps prospective teachers learn more about the profession and career pathways, and hosts virtual job fairs.
Steps to Teaching
Decide if teaching is for you, Understand the requirements, Find the right prep program, Find financial aid, Find a teaching job
Grade Level of Teaching
Elementary School, Middle School, High School
Subject Area
Special Education, Mathematics, Science, Other (Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Physical Education)
Target Audience
High School Student, College Students, Have a bachelor's degree, Change careers
Resource Format
Web site

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