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Ask a Teacher: Virtual Interviews

Want to know what teaching is really like? Ask a teacher!

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Special Education
Michael Bernardis

Michael Bernardis, Early Childhood Special Education

Kei Lucas

Kei Lucas, Elementary Special Day Class
(Generally students with moderate to severe disabilities)

Michael Laharty

Michael Laharty, Special Education/Secondary/Transition

Judy Williams

Judy Williams, former paraeducator and current Special Education Teacher

Elementary (Multiple Subject)
Chris Flores

Chris Flores, Third Grade

Secondary (Single Subject)
John Bullock

John Bullock, Mathematics

Leticia Moran

Leticia Moran, Mathematics

Kadhir Rajagopal

Kadhir Rajagopal, Mathematics

Eric Bull

Eric Bull, Science

Jeanne Carroll

Jeanne Carroll, Science

John Warren

John Warren, Science

Jeannette Providence

Jeannette Providence, English Language Arts

Marsha Stanley

Marsha Stanley, English Language Arts

Steve Cox

Steve Cox, Social Science

Michelle Delgado

Michelle Delgado, World History